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    Oliver Mooney, Category Manager (Construction) at Fusion21 will discuss how Fusion21 can help you buy smarter and achieve social value in local communities. The presentation will include estates chall ...
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    We will hear from educators and estates professionals about the challenges of designing spaces that are flexible, secure, and provide additional options for special needs settings. Stand alone buildin ...
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    In education spaces, one of the key design considerations is always safety. During this brief webinar Philip Ross will highlight the balance of safety and aesthetics in three new-build school projects ...
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    The importance of STEM is acknowledged by government, academics and teachers alike. However the English curriculum makes it difficult to implement in its fullest. Might there be a different approach t ...
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    ParkingEye Sales & Marketing Director, Jo Wade, examines recent parking data to highlight some startling results about how parking at education facilities can differ, from the adoption of new technolo ...
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    Building on the framework that we considered on 1 June about re-educating and the challenges today (short term), on 03 July 2020 we examined the impact of living and learning through a global pandemic ...
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    This webinar showcases the use of Data in design and how this can engage people in the development of their communities. Using Haverfordwest as a case study, where Atkins are designing education, tran ...
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    This presentation will explore the importance of creating tailored education facilities for children and young people with autism and learning difficulties by recognising, and celebrating, each scheme ...
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    There has been much focus recently regarding the combustibility of insulation products used within façade systems. However, with so much attention given to the façade, the roof appears to have been ov ...
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    Educational establishments often rely on legacy CCTV systems that make it challenging, and sometimes impossible, to investigate campus-related incidents. A good hybrid-cloud surveillance system howeve ...



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