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Sector Insights
Sector Insights

ParkingEye Sales & Marketing Director, Jo Wade, examines recent parking data to highlight some startling results about how parking at education facilities can differ, from the adoption of new technology through to creative new revenue streams which can boost the bottom line. In this webinar, ParkingEye will not only walk through the findings but also investigate how finance, estates and pupil experience teams can embrace new technologies to help them meet ambitious cost, revenue and efficiency targets. A session packed with factual data and new ideas, ParkingEye also unveil a number of interesting parking behaviours and the varied strategies adopted by certain types of institution to yield impressive returns from what is often an overlooked capital asset.  Join us, as Jo and the team reflect on what different stakeholders within the education ecosystem can do to ‘move the needle’ and ensure the modern hubs of tomorrow can support longer-term institutional growth, without breaking the bank.

‘To request a copy of the webinar slides please contact enquiries@parkingeye.co.uk. Alternatively you can visit www.parkingeyesolutions.co.uk/educationestates or call 01772 450 542’

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  • Jo Wade, Sales & Marketing Director, ParkingEye                                                        



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