Development Rules and  Responsibilities for Educationally Led Mixed Use Developments

Time: 15:05 - 15:25

Date: Wednesday 16 October


These schemes provide a wonderful opportunity for a focussed approach to placemaking, and the promotion of an approach that improves the environment for future generations, considering mental health, sport and wellbeing.  This is perhaps a social responsibility that we all have.

For these developments to be successful it is essential we select the right partners, develop a strategy that provides compatibility for each of their needs and is part of a robust cost model that is viable and deliverable.  This is a complex process that potentially involves a wide range of development partners, and that will benefit from specialist skills and early investment in getting the right development balance.

We need to reassess what secondary education actually looks like.  We look beyond the four walls of the site and look at the city as the learning environment.  Successful communities grow through connecting people and places, and we work with the communities to identify opportunities and need in order to create an innovative education model that is viable and inspiring.  We can also share ideas on vertical schools developed in our New York Studio, and how these education models are wholly relevant to the UK.


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