How Can We Increase Our Offsite Delivery of Schools?

Time: 10:20 - 10:35

Date: Wednesday 16 October


The Department for Education are adopting a presumption in favour of offsite construction with the aim to increase the number of schools built using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).  This is linked to the Government’s strategy to address the productivity gap within the industry, the sector skills shortage and construction workforce demographics.
At Galliford Try we have realized the benefits of Modern Methods of Construction by the use of our ‘Optimum Schools’ approach which uses component-based standardisation and by the use of different levels of standardisation has allowed us to develop a ‘kit of parts’ delivery approach.
To secure maximum efficiency from our designs we have developed our Education Design Portal which is a BIM based platform which is managed centrally but used throughout our business to promote and disseminate component- based standardisation and drive efficiency and quality through all of Galliford Try’s education schemes.  It is key to our ability to deliver affordable schools in England and Scotland.  It currently hosts:

A product library with aligned suppliers,
Design details,
Lessons learnt and best practice.

Our Education Design Portal is also key to our strategy to deliver more schools utilising Modern Methods of Construction and offsite construction such as at Kingsteignton School and Westclyst Community Primary School in Devon.
The designs of both schools are based on our benchmark two form entry standard primary school and constructed in Structural Insulated Panels.
The case studies will highlight some of the benefits of the offsite delivery, such as:
Early fixing of design details
Speed of construction programme
Quality of finished product
Sustainability of the project
Health and Safety on site

‘We have been delighted at how well the building has been progressing. The building has proceeded at a pace which,  can only be described as amazing.’
Penny Fitch
Principal,  Kingsteignton School


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