Optimising The Teaching Environment – Creating Value in Secondary School Education

Time: 12:40 - 12:55

Date: Wednesday 16 October


Holmes Miller will outline the research and development undertaken in rethinking the design of secondary school education, with a focus on enhancing the teaching environment, whilst reducing building running costs and creating a more sustainble learning environment. The presentation will draw on expertise from our collaborators, John Gilbert Architects [accreddited Passivehaus designers] and Carbon Futures [sustainablity consultants] to present a holistic vision of how secondary schools can be developed. The presentation will focus on key elements surrounding;
Site considerations + building placement, recognising the significant impact of building oreintation on optimised classroom design Building Typology, and the comparitive value that wall / floor ratios can have in generating value proposals, against the ability to create passive and low carbon facilities Building Layout, and the opportunity to challenge the conventional approach to secondary school delivery, focussing on alternative approaches to timetabling [which can improve building efficiency], and alternative department arrangements that best align with the currcullum and opportunities for STEM integration Classroom Design, and techniques that can be employed within classroom facades, to boost daylighting levels, allow for a well ventilated teaching space, and optimise pupil attainment and concentration Construction Technology, and the methodology that can be best empolyed, to allow the principals of Passivehaus to be adopted for the education market The presentation will be an engaging and thought provoking presentation by the combined Holmes Miller team, that clearly demonstrates the interrelated design aspects at feasibility stage, that are crucial in imforming a vaible and sustainable secondary school design proposal.


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