Specific Servicing Complexities of High Density Schools

Time: 10:20 - 10:35

Date: Wednesday 16 October


This presentation will use examples from a range of jobs of the challenges and opportunities that arise from combining an educational establishment (school or FE College) with residential buildings above.

It will discuss some of the particular mechanical and electrical challenges of combining these specific uses and some of the solutions we are rolling out across 3 different schemes combining educational and residential uses.

Issues such as daylighting, kitchen extract, ventilation of halls, flueing of separate heating plant all need inventive solutions. The need to bring maintenance departments along for the journey to help them understand the building they are getting and the mixed maintenance requirements of the mixed schemes.

The talk will focus on the benefits and drawbacks of shared plant between the uses. On the negative side there are concerns about maintenance and division of responsibility, mixed clients etc. schools maintenance staff will be unfamiliar with the residential systems such as HIUs whereas the residential maintenance departments will be unfamiliar with the systems in the school element.

On the positive side there are energy use and capital cost benefits possible from shared plant. Particularly in the case of heating and cooling equipment there are big energy use benefits possible using heat pumps to move heat from one use to another. Often these high density schools will require cooling due to site conditions. The ability to combine systems and use heat pumps to reject that heat from classrooms to residents hot water is a game changing opportunity for this type of mix of use.


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