Universities – Our Urban Regenerators?

Time: 15:25 - 15:45

Date: Wednesday 16 October


There is a need to stimulate new models of urban regeneration if UK cities are to competitive. We believe the university sector remains key to advancing this. Our recent regeneration work with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and Liverpool John Moores (LJMU) provide great examples of the work that is ongoing, within this very region. The regeneration from both LJMU and MMU have shown huge ambition, with innovative developments coming forward that will have an immensely positive impact on not only student and staff experience but also that of the wider city and even beyond – the country?!

The education sector’s ability to increase the skill set of the local population, drive collaboration as well as providing opportunities to connect more successfully with knowledge based industry. It also provides opportunities for business to adopt innovative approaches and this is key to the ongoing transition to create cities which are able to retain a greater proportion of graduates, leading to an increase and reinvestment in the skills and productivity of the local labour force. As such, Universities are a vital part of urban regeneration programmes. They need to proactively engage with the planning and design process, carefully considering their needs and ambitions within the wider context of the City. By engaging and working collaboratively with local residents and stakeholders, Universities can secure the construction of flexible and creative spaces, that deliver strong City Centre campus environments drawing in students and businesses.

Through two recent university-led regeneration case studies, we will explore the approach taken to collaboration and placemaking through the planning process, Uncovering the opportunities that are often missed.


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