When Technology Comes to Play

Time: 10:20 - 10:35

Date: Wednesday 16 October


Technology and data is at the forefront of everything we do. Almost every aspect of life now involves some kind of technology, and this is increasingly evident when it comes to building design and working in the built environment. We will discuss how we’re using the latest digital tools like digital twins and VR to give our clients a glimpse of how their finished project will look, before a brick has even been laid, and the benefits this can bring for engaging with our clients and the wider stakeholders. We are also using our internal research and technology teams to assist the front end of school design, by creating tools which use machine learning to optimise the arrangement of room schedules in massing forms, as well as writing scripts to analyse factors affecting user wellbeing. All of these are at the forefront of design development, ensuring that we can use technology to carry out the leg work and allowing us as designers to create the best designs for our clients.
All of these factors are in the context of a changing workforce: our multidisciplinary team consists no longer just of architects and engineers, but rather includes coders, visualisers and gaming technology to achieve great design.


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