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Lighting Impact Study

08 Feb 2024

In a collaboration with University College London (UCL), Dr Shelley James, Haverstock with The Hawthorns School and Noviun Architects with Yeoman Park Academy a study was conducted to ascertain the general awareness of the importance of lighting and simple affordable retrofit solutions that could be applied to the spaces and how it could affect SEND pupils learning and well-being. Following the initial presentation, which raised awareness of different options of lighting, some of which included sensory lighting, the schools were left with the equipment presented and utilised these for a set period. The feedback of the most successful options has since been collected.

The study explored how lighting design can be utilised as a teaching tool, exploring the possibilities of introducing sensory processing elements into the classrooms and empowering teachers with the tools to customise and zone the lighting in spaces, drawing upon the feedback gained from the two schools involved. By combining theoretical awareness, observational results and practical retrofit lighting options, we aim to highlight the challenges faced by SEND pupils and teachers in existing learning environments as well as highlight areas where improvements are needed and showcase a path towards inclusive and effective lighting solutions that have the potential to enhance educational environments for all through more flexible solutions. 

Zane Putne, SEND Director - Noviun Architects
Dr Shelley James - Age of Light Innovations Group
Anna Monaghan, Associate - Haverstock



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