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Session 1: Policy & Design

08 Feb 2023

The SEND & AP Green Paper - Towards a more inclusive education system
André Imich, SEN and Disability Professional Adviser, Department for Education

The SEND&AP Green Paper published in March 2022 presented a central aim of future direction as being to create a more inclusive education system with excellent local mainstream provision which will improve the experience and outcomes for children and young people with SEND and those who need alternative provision.  This presentation will provide more detail on the journey towards achieving this goal.

DfE Capital approach to SEND provision & inclusive education buildings
Mark Pratt, Design Adviser lead for SEND, AP & Inclusive Design and Post Occupancy Evaluations, Department for Education

There is a graduated approach to SEND provision, the majority of which is in mainstream schools and colleges. The buildings need to be inclusive to support a more inclusive education system. For those children whose needs can best be met in special schools, applications are being assessed for a capital programme of 40 special free schools. This will be closely followed by the assessment of applications for 20 alternative provision buildings. Other building programmes continue to support SEN and AP provision.
This presentation will provide more detail on the DfE Design Team approach to SEND provision across the sector and capital programmes, to ensure more inclusive education settings. 

Claire Jackson, Education Director - Galliford Try
André Imich, SEN and Disability Professional Adviser - Department for Education
Mark Pratt, SEN & Disability Design Adviser, DfE Capital - Department for Education



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