Eke Schins

Sector Leader Education and Health Care, Netherlands



Eke has many years of experience in the field of social real estate with and her specialism is education. From a user’s perspective, she analyzes ambitions for the future, on the basis of which she draws up a vision for the building that is translated into a spatial and functional PoR. Within Arcadis she, as sector leader, is ultimately responsible for the education and healthcare projects. She follows trends and developments in the market, maintains contacts with clients, acquires projects and discusses the required skills internally.

Eke is involved and customer-oriented. Within projects, she always searches for added value from a client prospective but with a realistic perspective in mind. Risk management, budget and time management are always part of project development. Sustainability, smart buildings, BIM and realistic exploitation are subjects and trends in the Netherlands which are integral parts of projects and trends in the Netherlands.

Eke is working at Arcadis since September 2016 as sector leader for the Netherlands. Before that, she worked for years at Grontmij / Sweco where she developed and applied various working methods to establish ambitions with users in the field of collaboration, and spatial and functional plans for a building. Based on this, further decisions could be made about content and realization.

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