Gladys Marr

Partnership & Quality Manager

Space Zero


When it comes to designing for Special Educational Needs and Disability within Education environments, Gladys Marr is a well-respected specialist.  It is easy to understand why.  Gladys has a wealth of experience, spanning over 30 years; in planning, co-ordinating and delivering a wide range of educational projects. Her passion for SEND design has been demonstrated time and time again, over a series of special projects, including the Liverpool BSF project where she delivered three SEND schools, each supporting a wide range of different levels of abilities.  Gladys has designed many SEND environments, ranging from inclusive environments to complex needs, including PMLD and ASD.

As part of the Senior Management team at Space Zero, Gladys works with new ESFA framework schools, as well as other private SEND schools who are at the cutting edge of their specialism.  Her working knowledge of inclusion and access means that Gladys is able to provide clients with specialist consultancy.  Gladys’ current projects utilise her passion for and skills within SEND, working closely with the clients to place pupils at the centre of experiences for life as well as education.  This involves creating holistic and innovative learning environments within schools.

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