Helen Taylor

Director of Practice

Scott Brownrigg


Helen is Director of Practice at Scott Brownrigg based in its London studio. She is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of programmes to maintain and enhance technical competence across the Pracice, as well as health and safety and legal compliance, quality management, sustainability.

Specialising in education design, particularly Academies, Free Schools and University Technical Colleges, Helen is responsible for the design of SHaW Futures Academy in Bromley, set to be one of the tallest schools of its kind within the UK. She recently also worked on the Barnet bundle of primary schools.

Well recognised through her collaboration with industry bodies Helen is a founding member and co-chair of Architects for Change, the RIBA’s Equality and Diversity Forum; Chair of the RIBA Inclusive Design Committee; Convenor of the RIBA Schools Client Forum; Co-Chair of the new Construction Industry Council Green Construction Panel;  a mentor for the Construction Industry Council Fluid Mentoring Programme; and is involved with the Cabinet Office’s Paralympic Legacy project, to improve the inclusive design skills of built environment professionals.



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