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Antonello Barbaro

Antonello Barbaro

CEO-General Manager, H - Farm
United Kingdom
After a career in two of the world’s leading consulting companies, Accenture and McKinsey, and having worked in Geneva for the Global Fund, Antonello Barbaro’s experience in the field of education has been consolidated at some of the most important institutes and universities around the world. In fact, Barbaro contributed to the startup of NYU (New York University) in the United Arab Emirates before returning to Geneva in recent years to what is universally considered one of the most prestigious schools in the world: École Internationale de Genève. Here, in 1924, the foundations were put in place for the IB (International Baccalaureate) programme, which became a point of reference for education on a global scale. It continues to grow exponentially with 1.9 million students and over 5,500 schools – many of which are controlled by international funds – in over 159 countries worldwide. Since September 2021 he is the new CEO/General Manager of H-FARM Education.



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