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Dawn Scott

Dawn Scott

Senior Colour Designer, AkzoNobel (Dulux Trade)
As an experienced interior designer, I have dedicated my 20+ year career to using the transformative power of colour to enhance people's lives. My expertise lies in creating bespoke research-based colour and design schemes for public buildings such as hospitals, schools, and care homes by harmonising colour, interior design, and nature. I am passionate about making spaces accessible and inclusive, especially for those with conditions like Dementia or who are neurodivergent. As a mother of an Autistic daughter and with experience of Dementia in my family, I am deeply committed to empowering people to navigate their surroundings, increase their independence and improve their wellbeing to live their best lives. By combining my expertise in colour and design with my personal experiences and dedication to social impact, I create spaces that are beautiful, functional, and empowering.



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