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Iain Macrae

Iain Macrae

lighting design, consultancy, training and thought leadership

Iain graduated in Mechanical Engineering and somehow found his way into lighting. For more than 3 decades he has worked in manufacturing, design, marketing, application and technical teams including a wide range of projects across the world. Iain is a Chartered Engineer, consultant and founded the training company Light Unwrapped, delivering blended learning as a recognised expert. He always advises those around him “There is no such thing as a stupid question” in a bid to get us talking about light. He is past president of the Society of Light & Lighting and Chair of SLL Lighting Guide 5, Lighting for Education. He also works on British and European standards panels. Iain specifies and designs lighting solutions as well as working on business and product strategy, and product development for new and existing clients. He is a globally experienced speaker and mentor within the lighting industry.



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