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Morag Morrison

Morag Morrison

Partner, Hawkins\Brown

Morag leads Hawkins\Brown’s Interiors studio, providing designs for libraries, schools, listed civic buildings through to high-tech offices and public sector clients. Projects include Park Hill, Hackney Town Hall, Royal College of Surgeons and libraries such as Bristol, Dublin Parnell and Plumstead.

The new library for Manchester Metropolitan University will feature a fresh array of learning spaces woven into the interior of the building. Spaces that can accommodate a range of requirements, both present and future - from focused quiet working to collaborative, social and wellbeing, achieved through good design and activity-based working models,

As designer, artist and arts coordinator, Morag brings fresh perspectives: having trained at Glasgow School of Art, Morag will commit to employing colour and promoting artist collaborations. She looks through the eyes of the user, defines desired characteristics of their environment and delivers functionality in detail.




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