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Nazar Soofi

Nazar Soofi

Head of Sustainability & Decarbonisation, Eddisons

With an extensive background in successfully delivering high-profile, fast-track mega projects over the last 25 years, Nazar Soofi has transitioned his vast experience and versatile skillsets to champion the ambitious Net Zero goals of the UK’s education sector.

Nazar has a remarkable track record, having delivered over £50 million in Salix PSDS-funded projects for Leeds City Council since 2021. He helped to transform over 80 sites, including multi-academy Trusts and SEND facilities, moving them from fossil fuels to renewable resources. This contribution will influence sustainable practices for years.

A thought leader in the field, Nazar has been a keynote speaker for Salix roadshows, sharing his insights and knowledge. Additionally, he has facilitated workshops guiding educational organisations in Salix PSDS-funded projects.

At Eddisons, Nazar leverages his skills beyond Leeds. Collaborating with educators, governors and estates managers, he is dedicated to steering widespread decarbonisation efforts, contributing to the realisation of sustainable and environmentally conscious practices on a larger scale.




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