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Neil Thomas

Neil Thomas

Educational Consultant, the-learning-crowd

Neil is a dynamic educational consultant based in Wales, with 14 years of teaching and leadership experience in the UK and internationally. His passion for education is centred around the philosophy that every child can achieve excellence. Working with school leaders, local and national governments, Neil advises on leadership, curriculum development and school design. 

Neil was a dedicated Head of Design and Technology who actively encouraged students to develop an interest in the STEM/STEAM subjects. As Vice Principal of Teaching and Learning at a leading 3-18 British International School, Neil led the implementation and embedding of the High Performance Learning pedagogy, with the school becoming the first High Performance Learning World Class School, and is now an Associate Director with the company. Neil is also a Senior Associate with the-learning-crowd - his flexible thinking and diverse background enables him to provide an invaluable service to multiple school settings.



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