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Rebecca Cottage

Rebecca Cottage

Head Teacher, Marjorie McClure School

Rebecca has worked in special education for over 20 years and has worked in school leadership for the last 14 years.  In 2019, Rebecca became Head Teacher at Marjorie McClure School, a very special school for students with profound and complex needs in Chislehurst. The school were just embarking on an exciting journey to design and build a brand new school to cater for students with physical disabilities, medical and learning needs. 

Rebecca worked closely with the contractors and DfE to support this project, ensuring it meets the needs of all students, thinking particularly about the potentially changing levels of need. This has been a huge learning curve for Rebecca and certainly not within her previous skill set! The school was finally completed in April 2023 and the students and staff are now well settled into their new home, though it hasn't been without some bumps along the way!



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