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Rokhshid Ghaziani

Rokhshid Ghaziani

Lecturer in Architecture, The University of Portsmouth
United Kingdom

Rokhshid Ghaziani received a Ph.D in Architecture from the University of Sheffield in 2009. Since 2005, she has taught a wide range of subjects for Architecture and Interior Design courses. Rokhshid is currently a lecturer in Architecture at DMU. Her research interests include school design and users’ involvement in design process, and biophilic design. She developed a design framework and an assessment tool for school design. Rokhshid worked recently on three projects - Healing by Nature: Implementation of Biophilic Design Model for the Post-Disaster School Reconstruction (GCRF project funded by AoMS), Implementation of Biophilic Design Model for the Post-Pandemic School Design (QR GCRF), and Green Living Walls in a Primary School for Children’s Well-being (funded by The Royal Society).



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