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Sarah Noble

Sarah Noble

Head of Early Engagement and Enrolment, RICS
I oversee the teams who support individuals during the early part of their journey as an RICS member or even prospective RICS member. An individual demonstrates an interest in surveying, and we nurture that interest and help, guide and support them from GCSE to Chartership. Of course, some are career changers so their GCSEs may be a distant memory!  Having previously worked in the education sector engaging, onboarding and inducting Early Career Teachers, and formerly as a Careers Lead embedding a high quality and rigorous careers programme, I fully believe that the next generation of workers, leaders, entrepreneurs and citizens need to emerge with the appropriate skills, competencies and opportunities for life-long learning. A fulfilling career is not only how we pay the rent, but it is also how we find meaning in our life and connect with the people around us.



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