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Stephanie Kyle

Stephanie Kyle

Architect and Inclusive Design Consultant, Maber Architects

My uncommon background has given me a unique personality and outlook on life which I leverage to redefine what is possible in design.

With experience across many typologies, ranging from small scale extensions to international competitions and projects up to £350m, every challenge is an opportunity for me.

As an Architect and Inclusive Design Consultant, I get to be involved in many projects, making designs more inclusive from conception. Inclusive design is not just for wheelchair users – it’s designing for everyone, regardless of ability, age, gender, religion or background, and should be applied to all building typologies, not just specialist buildings. There are so many small things we can do which can improve the experience of building users with no additional cost, and it’s my job to ensure companies, and other designers, incorporate these to create much better buildings for everyone.




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