Galliford Try

Galliford Try is a multiple award-winning and market-leading provider of school facilities. We play a significant role in renewing and expanding the schools estate across the country, from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to Central London.

We are proud to be creating high quality facilities for cutting-edge teaching and learning, meeting the urgent need for additional school places, enabling innovative curriculum delivery and replacing poor, crumbling infrastructure which has outlasted its usefulness.

Our extensive activity means that we have a detailed understanding of the education sector, its policy and economic drivers, its key challenges and schools’ operational requirements. This means we adopt an intelligent approach to our projects and an informed relationship with our clients.

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We have repeatedly demonstrated that we are able to meet challenges of affordability and the need to achieve ‘more for less’ whilst delivering aspirational, high quality, durable, efficient and highly functional buildings – the legacy our children and communities deserve.

Led by a dedicated, sector-specific education team, and benefiting from depth of experience in our regional network of offices, we are driven by our key values : excellence, innovation, and collaboration.


Our schools are high quality, long-life, robust and adaptable buildings, often built to very challenging budgets. They are also efficient, low-energy and sustainable.

We have invested heavily in research and development to increase efficiencies in both design and construction, utilising standardisation and off-site construction, reducing time on site, improving accuracy and minimising waste, contributing to achieving the highest possible quality.


Our innovative culture is embodied in Optimum Schools, our award winning approach to component based standardisation, a set of rigorous design and construction principles achieving both efficiency and high quality. Optimum Schools underpins our approach to all school projects and is now fully supported by our digital platform, our Education Design Portal, our BIM based library of designs, components and products.


Our projects benefit from open, honest relationships, effective communication and proactive partnering.

We work collaboratively with our clients, school leaders, stakeholders, designers and our supply chain using a solution-focused approach. We draw this expertise together to meet users’ requirements, shape the design, overcome challenges and ensure timely, cost-effective delivery of projects.