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In 2008, the UK became the first major economy in the world to pass into law international commitments to end its contribution to global warming by 2050 by bringing all greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero. Step 1 is to ensure that all buildings are net-zero in operation by 2030. Any that don’t comply will be required to offset any emissions.

Technology is now readily available to create new buildings that are net-zero in operation. Operational energy includes heating and cooling systems, cooking, lighting and plug loads. However, to achieve a net-zero building usually requires additional investment in renewable energy.

In the education sector where funds are limited, this can mean schools need to balance the initial additional investment with the long-term energy cost savings. A race to the bottom on price will not achieve the governments’ ambitions.

When undertaking a new educational building project, it is beneficial to have all parties collaborate from the start in order to find the most costs effective solutions. Designers need to engage with contractors, mechanical and electrical specialists, local authorities, planning departments, renewable energy specialists and of course the schools themselves.

This round table will explore some of the challenges the sector is facing in this area and the benefits of working collaboratively from day 1.


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Thursday 1 July 2021 - 10:00 - 11:30

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TG escapes

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Chair Mark Brown, Consultant at TG Escapes Eco-buildings

Chair Mark Brown, Consultant at TG Escapes Eco-buildings

Consultant at TG Escapes - Mark has spent time growing up with the army, studying computing before the internet existed, and founding The London Classic Theatre Company, self sustaining for over 25 years. He trained in marketing with Unilever before moving into advertising as a strategist with Leo Burnett, Creative Director at Starcom and founder of award winning creative agency Weapon7. He has a passion for eco buildings and helps run the social enterprise Street Wisdom, providing free creative walkshops around the world.

Ann Flaherty, Director Solar for Schools

Ann Flaherty, Director Solar for Schools

Ann Flaherty has over 30 years in communications, marketing and business development and became a director of Solar for Schools in 2016, having set up a successful solar on schools business in the UK: called Engynious Clean Power UK Ltd and having worked with Eco-Schools to develop a portfolio for investors Lightsource.  She has worked in solar and in the schools market for nearly 10 years, converting over 200 schools to take up solar power,. She has a wealth of experience in the education for sustainable development combined with solar PV; helping to develop programmes that deliver schools with the best outcomes; both environmentally, financially and socially. 

Ann holds an MSC in Sustainable Development from Surrey University’s Centre for Environment and Sustainability.  She previously with HRH Prince Charles developing an education campaign for his SOS Rainforest appeal and for the History Channel to develop a social educational programme with actor Colin Firth : called The People Speak.   Prior to that Ann was a journalist and worked in event and brand marketing.

Chris Leese, Engineer at TG Escapes Eco-buildings.

Chris Leese, Engineer at TG Escapes Eco-buildings.

Working in structural engineering for the past decade, Chris has accumulated a wealth of experience in Modern Method of Construction, especially in timber. In the early years, Chris was lucky to work with a variety of timber frame and SIPs manufacturers while he wrote a paper entitled: Retrofitting UK housing stock to Passivehaus. He also produced a confidential report on improving the creep coefficient of SIPs panels providing a competitive edge.

The challenge of cross-laminated timber then led him away to work at the largest private construction company in the UK. It is here he worked on Orsman Rd the tallest timber hybrid structure in the UK and featured in the Structural Timber Magazine. He was also part of the successful tender team for the new Google headquarters in London, set to be one of the largest timber building in the world.

He joined TG Escapes utilising his knowledge and expertise to help them deliver their futuristic vision of Biolphillic, Carbon Neutral, Timber Schools, through the latest Sectional Modular techniques; which he is currently writing a research paper on at this moment in time.



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