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Powering a greener future

Amelio Solar Energy has extensive experience in the Education Sector, installing Solar PV and other technologies to lower its clients’ carbon footprint . By generating and using clean, renewable energy Schools, Colleges, and Universities can reduce their ongoing costs allowing monies to be diverted back into education.

Advanced and Safe Systems

Advanced and Safe Systems

Advanced systems installed by Amelio Solar Energy and as manufactured by SolarEdge allow the best performance of every panel and therefore the output and savings to be maximised.

Systems feature the latest safety features such as arc detection, safe voltage levels when the systems are switched off and surge protection. Amelio Solar Energy’s approach to fire safety in particular is ahead of normal industry practices.

Battery Storage & EV Charge & Solar LED Lighting

Battery Storage & EV Charge & Solar LED Lighting

Battery storage often complements our Solar PV installations and can be installed internally or externally in separate specialist containers. EV Charge Points allow electric minibuses, vans and cars to be charged during the day or overnight. This is of increasing benefit for site vehicles as well as for staff membert We also offer commercial grade external solar lighting that works year round lighting pathways and car parks.

Eliminating external lighting costs is a valuable next step after more general LED lighting projects.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitoring and Maintenance

Once installed all our systems can be monitored to check performance and for maintenance.

The monitoring systems can also serve as valuable education tools in subjects such as GCSE Geography and for Maths, Science and Business courses.

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