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  • The Astor OT200 overhead ceiling track hoist is one of the smallest ceiling track hoists available, perfect for Changing Places Toilets, Hygiene Rooms, Schools, Care Homes or at Home. It has an emerge ...
  • The Astor CTX2-CP Height Adjustable Changing Table with water collection tray and drain hose is ideal for showering and changing.  The CP model comes with an emergency stop button which is perfect for ...
  • The ABW-CP height adjustable washbasin has been designed by Astor Bannerman for users with special and progressively changing needs. It was originally developed with a team from Muscular Dystrophy UK ...
  • Temporary science lab created with one of our key clients, Portakabin.
  • Get Set, Go! Blocks support your pupils as they build their climbing confidence, developing their gross motor skills as they crawl, climb and run across these movable blocks.
  • The Grizedale Forest Circuit features dozens of crossing and traversing points, presenting obstacles that raise children’s enthusiasm and excitement levels.
  • Our amazing range of School Canopies, will solve all your free flow needs, allowing your children to complete the curriculum just outside of their classroom in a sheltered environment.
  • Upgrade your school's outdoor dining experience with a Twinfix canopy. Transform your eating area into a comfortable and stylish space.
  • Our playground canopies create versatile outdoor spaces that can be used all year round enabling your students to enjoy the benefits of outdoor playtime while staying comfortable & safe.
  • Two science laboratories for an Essex based Secondary school.
  • Organic Response is a wireless lighting control system. Where possible, the sensors are integrated into the luminaires, helping declutter the space, and automatically form an infra-red wireless mesh.
  • With its stylish frame and sleek design, SmartShield noticeboards deliver a contemporary aesthetic. The perfect modern display solution.
  • Our Mobile Folding Tables make it quick and effortless to convert multiuse halls into dining areas, without the need for heavy lifting. A perfect solution for busy schools and canteens.



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