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The Education Estates® Net Zero Conference is an event for education estates professionals to come together to share knowledge and best practice on how to achieve net-zero in the learning estate.

The 2023 conference programme featured a number of informative sessions including: Reducing Energy Consumption: Challenges & Strategies | How to achieve Net Zero with Existing Estates | Good Estate Management & Achieving Targets. Delegates heard from the Department for Education, Government of Ireland and the Scottish Futures Trust on their Approaches to Achieving Net Zero.

All of these sessions applied real-life examples and experiences, highlighting the challenges and benefits of implementing net-zero approaches and providing practical guidance on funding and design solutions.

We look forward to seeing you at Education Estates® 17-18 October 2023 at Manchester Central.

Save the date for the Education Estates® Net Zero Conference 2024: Thursday 18 April 2024 | LSE.

Key learning points included:

  • The immediate need to focus on energy reduction to address rising energy costs while progressing towards net zero carbon emissions
  • The challenge of achieving net zero carbon emissions holistically, including embodied carbon during construction, operation, and decommissioning
  • Understanding the scale of the challenge by assessing where the embodied carbon is in a typical school and evolving school construction to reduce its overall carbon footprint
  • Developing a clear plan to understand where an organisation stands from an energy and carbon perspective and to move forward with initiatives that save money and reduce carbon
  • How to balance short term requirements with a longer-term net zero strategy
  • How energy masterplanning can help develop a deliverable decarbonisation plan for education estates with net zero carbon ambitions
  • Strategies and approaches for achieving net zero with existing estates and designing/delivering net zero new builds
  • And many more…

Attendees had the opportunity to network with peers from the education community, share best practice and be inspired.

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